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The Resilience Room is currently closed for new Members.

You have a huge heart

And you strive every day to be patient and compassionate with your child, even when their behavior might be challenging every day. 


You’ve committed enormous amounts of time and energy to reading books, following Facebook groups, attending trainings, and tracking down the best therapies, all for your child’s health and well-being.

And because of this dedication and determination, you’ve been able to...

Learn more about what it means to have an invisible, brain-based disability and its myriad characteristics


Understand more about the source of your child’s challenging behaviors


Advocate more effectively for your child in all the environments they encounter

Figure out some ways to support them differently than you would a "neurotypical" child despite the judgment this sometimes brings from other parents who don't get it

But as you learned more about the ways this brain-based disability affects your child, and the supports they need to be successful, you...

Realized that even with this increased knowledge, every day holds challenges for you as you face your child’s intense needs and behavioral symptoms.


Felt increasingly isolated, as it became evident there were few people who could truly understand the reality of your parenting experience and its impact on you as a parent.


Found it hard to feel grounded in your sense of self, and continue to hold hope, when your emotional and physical energy was depleted by the intense care needs of your child and the constant management of their challenging behavioral symptoms.

You’re tired...


of feeling isolated, overwhelmed, inadequate and misunderstood.


You know you want to continue to learn about your child and what they need, but that there is another side of the coin, not being addressed, which is how this experience impacts you, the parent, as a whole person.


You need a safe community where you can learn the information you need AND where you can feel supported by someone who truly "gets it." 


You crave connection...

with other like-minded parents, and recognize the importance of connection, self-care and support to help build your own internal resilience.


You’re positive that if you could find a group that had all of this, a community of like-minded parents, facilitated by someone with professional expertise and lived experience, it would help you rise above the chaos and darkness to find a sense of clarity and hope again. 

The Resilience Room

is a safe, close-knit membership community that helps parents of kids with neurobehavioral challenges go from feeling isolated and hopeless to feeling connected, empowered, and resilient. 

The Resilience Room isn’t:

A typical Facebook or other online group. This intimate community has a strong moderator presence who has expertise in brain-based disabilities, the neurobehavioral model, teaching and facilitation, and who also has the lived experience as a parent of a child with significant neurobehavioral challenges.


A quick fix with canned solutions that are not person-specific. It is not about giving parents a “quick fix” for their pain or their child’s challenges, something that is unrealistic and impossible to deliver. It is about parents supporting parents with the goal of understanding themselves more deeply, so they can gain clarity and confidence, leading to action that can get them through those stuck points in their life as it relates to their parenting experience. 


It is not exclusively an output of educational information about neurobehavioral conditions. Yes, that is one side of the coin that is a core component of this membership framework, but this community is unique in that it acknowledges the other side of the coin which is you, the parent and the impact this experience of parenting someone with challenging behavioral symptoms can have.

The Resilience Room is:

A community that is moderated by an expert in the neurobehavioral model who is also the parent of a child with significant neurobehavioral challenges. Members have direct access to this expertise on a weekly basis.


A community rooted in the Brain First model and framework where person-specific, proactive accommodations can be developed.

A place with clear purpose and clear direction, with educational lessons as well as live interaction with the moderator and other community members on a weekly basis. 


A place where parents will understand their child more intimately from a Brain First perspective and will be supported as they work to put the model into everyday practice.


A community where parents will find others who understand intimately their day-to-day reality, where they will find hope, support, inspiration and reprieve.


A safe place where parents can come as they are and where perfection is never required.

The Resilience Room is currently closed for new Members.

When you sign-up to be a member of The Resilience Room you'll find:


An intimate, heartfelt and soulful community of parents who are joining to learn, grow, feel supported, and give support to others who share their lived experience, all within the neurobehavioral framework. 


This is a place of true belonging, where you can come as you are, receive support, and form close, lifelong friendships with others who walk your path every day. 


Knowing yourself as an individual is paramount to taking the neurobehavioral model from conception to reality. This membership group will challenge you to dig deeper to discover the internal resources you need become more resilient in your day-to-day. 


There is more hope for us and our families than we are ever led to believe. This membership community acknowledges how difficult this parenting experience can be, while also believing that suffering does not have to be the final destination.


This is a place where you can find reprieve, rising above the chaos of the day-to-day and gaining clarity on not only what might be going on for your child, but what is also going on with YOU and what you can do to impact both.

Here's what to expect:

This membership community has a two-part framework that is rooted in the neurobehavioral model. The first part of the framework is focused on the neurobehavioral model, its various components, how it works, and how to apply it to your child. Through the library of recorded lessons, live monthly webinars, and group meet-ups with other Members, you will gain a more intimate knowledge of this model and its relevance to your child and your child's life.


The second part of this two-part framework focuses on you, the parent. It acknowledges that while the neurobehavioral model really does work, there is a human element inherent to it which results in a steep learning curve for all of us. This part of the framework addresses the reality that it is difficult to stay on the neurobehavioral course without ongoing support. Through the recorded lessons, the live monthly webinars, and the Member meet-ups, the second part will focus on different aspects of the parenting experience, so that each parent can understand themselves more deeply.


The live webinars and Member conversations for this aspect of the experience focus on why parents find themselves stuck, emotional pain points and how to manage them, and what we can do to see a future that begins to expand again, rather than starting to narrow.

More About Me:

I’m Eileen, a parent coach, consultant and mother to a child with a neurobehavioral disability that has challenging behavioral symptoms.


After attending the life-changing three-day FASCETS training on the neurobehavioral model many years ago, the way my husband and I viewed our daughter and her behaviors was forever changed. However, when we returned home and were in the thick of day-to-day parenting, we found that things were still really hard, and that it was challenging to stay in the neurobehavioral mindset all on our own. I felt like I still needed to grow in my understanding of the model as her parent, and needed the support of others outside of our family unit who “got it.” This sent me on a search to find a person or a community that could walk alongside us, support us, help us grow, and provide us with hope. I came to dead end after dead end in my search.


Yes, there were courses and workshops, books and parenting Facebook groups that came a dime a dozen, but nothing that addressed my child’s special needs as well as my experience as her parent in the community-oriented, uplifting and personalized way I was searching for. This experience led me to open a private coaching practice, where I now provide that support to other parents on their journey through one-to-one and small group work. And yet, through this individualized work, the parents I was meeting continued to tell me that no one understood the daily challenges and heartbreak they experienced. I knew I needed to address this absence of a true community for this specific group of parents, which led to the creation of The Resilience Room membership group. 

Who's a good fit for this community:

This membership community is FOR you if:

  • You’re the parent of a child with a brain-based disability or illness that has challenging behavioral symptoms.

  • You’re ready to join a positive, pro-active community of parents with your lived experience.

  • You’re looking to grow in your knowledge of the neurobehavioral model and want to take it from the conceptual to putting it into practice.

  • You’re ready for personal growth as an individual and parent.

  • You’re open to reflection, introspection, and shifting your perspective.

  • You are searching for support that does not just address your child’s challenges, but sees YOU and your needs in this two-sided equation.

This membership community is NOT for you if:

  • You are not the parent of a child with a neurobehavioral condition.

  • You’re looking for a “quick fix” for your child or for yourself.

  • You’re seeking a platform to vent your frustrations, without any interest in investing time and energy or making positive changes within yourself or your relationship with your child.

  • You’re not interested in supporting and uplifting other parents while also receiving their support.

  • You’re not open to viewing your child’s challenging behaviors as a symptom of their disability rather than intentional, willful defiance.

  • You are looking for a place to ask members about their child’s experience with medications or various treatments. This is outside the scope of this particular membership community.


“To say working with Eileen has changed our life would be an understatement. We have hope now for not only for our son, but for each of us, as we learn to navigate his disability and continue to incorporate this model into our daily lives.”


- Lauren S.

The Resilience Room is currently closed for new Members.
  • What will be my biggest takeaways as a member of this community?
    The biggest takeaways will be connection, understanding and hope. Each member of this community will find meaningful connection with other parents who, despite the challenges present in their lives, are longing to be active members of an intentional, uplifting community. You will also experience increased self-awareness and esteem, increased understanding of your child, and renewed hope for your child's future and yours. There are over 75 pre-recorded lessons and conversations waiting for each new member inside The Resilience Room course room and The Resilience Room private podcast feed, available to you the day you join. Move through them at your own pace, one that fits your learning style and lifestyle.
  • Will I need to learn any new app or software to participate in this on-line community?
    The technology aspect of this membership experience is straightforward and simple. There will be a private members-only Resilience Room Facebook group that members will be added to after joining. The educational lessons will be delivered through Teachable, a free site that will simply require you to create an account using your email and a password of your choosing. Members also have the chance to listen to all of The Resilience Room content via a private (not available to the public) podcast link. Access to this private podcast is provided to each Member via their own personalized link after they join. The last piece of technology will be using video-conferencing through Zoom, a free downloadable app that, once downloaded, is as easy as clicking a button. Zoom does require the member to have a laptop or phone with an accessible camera.
  • What is the cost of membership?
    The cost of membership for The Resilience Room is $45.00 per month per household. This price was intentionally set at a point where most families could make slight budget adjustments in order to make this monthly cost work for them, so that they did not have to miss out on this life-changing support due to financial constraints. With access to Eileen in a small group setting and educational materials on the Brain First Approach at your fingertips, each member receives $300+ worth of services each month for only $45. It is a month-to-month membership subscription and can be cancelled at anytime.
  • Can you explain what members will see week-to-week inside the membership community?
    Every month will focus on a topic relevant to the experience of parents supporting children with neurobehavioral challenges. There will be four, recurring weekly "core events" for structuring our monthly interactions. This is in addition to the 40+ pre-recorded conversations and lessons already available to you inside the course room on the same day you join. As a Resilience Room member, each month you will receive: 1.) An invitation to participate in a live workshop with Eileen focused on a particular aspect of parenting from a brain first lens and how this relates to our children with brain-based challenges. It will be recorded for Members who are not able to attend live. These workshops always build on the content found in 100+ lessons available to each Member in The Resilience Room library. 2.) Every month there are 2 different (zoom) All-Members' Group Meet-Ups with Eileen so that the members can come together and talk about the topics of those two lessons and ask any questions that may have emerged when reflecting on what you heard. A recorded version will be sent out to all members, so if you can't make it each week you still have the benefit of listening to the conversation at a later date. 3. ) Many months there is also bonus content offered; either a 1:1 recorded “coffee chat” between Eileen and a member, a guest speaker, or a "pop-up" group facilitated by Eileen or one of the Resilience Room Parent Navigators. In between these weekly core events, there will be other opportunities to connect with your community through online posts and commenting in our private Facebook group.
  • Can I join this membership community at any time?
    The Resilience Room is currently closed and opens its doors for new Members 2-3 times per year. Be sure to join Eileen's newsletter list so you can be the first to know when the doors are officially open!
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