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Parent Coaching

Will anything help my child be less challenging?

Parenting a child with brain-based differences and challenging behavioral symptoms can feel like navigating Chicago with a map of New York City. Nothing makes sense and you're well past frustrated. The “tried and true” parenting approaches do not seem to help your child be “less challenging” (and in fact, often make things worse), and the traditional parenting advice from mainstream “experts” feels tone-deaf when it comes to to your experience as a parent. Many days, the judgment you feel from friends, family and neighbors is too much to bear.


The isolation this experience can cause is devastating. You watch your social support network shrink over time, due to the intensity your child brings to nearly every situation. Each new melt down, with its defiance, verbal aggression or even rage, leaves you exhausted, hopeless, and feeling ineffective as a parent. You worry about the future, and how you'll manage to help your child function in the “real world,” because it seems as though there are no answers for a family that has experienced all you’ve been through.

Maybe this isn’t how you imagined parenting would look.

Many of the parents I coach say they never imagined parenting a child with such extreme behaviors. They entered parenthood feeling confident in their ability to manage the typical challenges, but now feel that confidence dwindle. The dreams they had for their family seem to be slipping away or impossible to realize. My clients have truly attempted everything to help their child and family, only to see the tension and chaos in their home escalate as the months and years wear on.

And this is where one-to-one coaching can make a significant difference.

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Moving From Surviving to Thriving as a Parent

My goal in working one-to-one with parents like you is to help you understand the brain/behavior connection: exactly how your child’s brain works differently than society expects, how this is directly tied to their challenging behaviors, and how to parent them with this in mind so you begin to see their challenging behaviors decrease over time. Parenting from a Brain First lens is the path to fewer challenging behavioral symptoms for your child and more calm in your home.

Parent coaching with me is not

  • Me telling you to work harder (you’re already working hard enough).

  • Me giving you cookie-cutter solutions to try with your child.

  • Me telling you that because of your child’s differences, you need to just accept your child’s challenging behavior as a part of who they are.

  • A place in which you'll get all the answers in one session, or one in which your child’s behavior will be “fixed” overnight (if anyone promises you!).

  • Me telling you that you just need more consequences and stricter boundaries to solve all your problems.

“No one — not one single professional (and we've seen tons) — has helped our family like you have. I can never thank you enough.
- Parent coaching client 

Parent Coaching Details:


  • Coaching packages are FIVE SESSIONS for $900 ($180 per 50-minute session).

  • Full amount paid at the time of purchase.

  • One-time consultations available for $200 per 50-minute session.

  • For packages, all five coaching sessions must be scheduled within 3 months of the date of purchase.

  • Cancellations: 24 hours in advance of scheduled time, otherwise session will be forfeited.

  • Any cancellations need to be rescheduled within the 3-month period.

  • Questions? I’d love to hear from you! Simply email me or click the button below. I return inquiry emails within 2 business days, Mon - Fri.

I look forward to working with you!

I want to thank you for giving me the resources to make any of this possible. I'm so far from where I used to be. A year ago my daughter and I had no relationship, and I was filled with anger and rage. Today is much, much different.
- Parent coaching client 

Working with me one-to-one may be for you if:

  • Your child’s challenging behaviors have only escalated over time, despite all your efforts to figure out what will finally help them calm down.

  • Anger, resentment, irritability and sadness seem to be your baseline parenting emotions.

  • You feel like your relationship with your child is beyond repair, or headed in that direction quickly.

  • The toll of this parenting experience has greatly impacted other areas of your life, like relationships with your other children, your marriage or partnership, and your own physical and emotional well-being.

  • You cannot imagine how you will sustain the level of intensity of behaviors from your child, and what it requires of you on a daily basis, and you worry about how the future will look for you and your family.

My Approach

Why offer a coaching package of five sessions

to use in three months time?

After supporting parents like you for nearly a decade, I've found that there is a predictable length of time for parents to grasp what it means to parent their child from a Brain First lens, and then to consistently implement this approach into their daily interactions with their child. While many parents continue to work one-to-one with me well beyond five sessions, I've found that this time span provides a solid foundation and creates momentum related to learning and implementation. It's normal for parents to encounter "stuck points" when shifting from a behavioral lens to a Brain First lens. This is why one-to-one support over the course of several months is invaluable to this transformational process.


We’ll meet for our first (of five) sessions to get a sense of your situation, assess your needs and hopes in working together, and discuss where I can help. I'm excited to work with parents who want to have happy, healthy, and positive relationships with their child, and are willing and able to dig in, do the work, and remain open and curious about this new way of seeing and parenting their child. Everything we discuss within our coaching sessions is confidential. You may feel vulnerable initially, especially if you’ve had repeated experiences of being doubted by other professionals, or you've had your parenting experience minimized or discounted. This is why our pace, the amount of disclosure, and how we approach each situation, is up to you. My role is to walk alongside you through this highly personal process, and guide you as you deepen your understanding of yourself and your child, so you feel confident in knowing exactly how to support and parent them.

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