Individual Coaching 

Recent Trainings


  • Providence Hospital's Swindells Resource Center

  • Shoulder to Shoulder Conference

  • SNAC (Special Needs Adption Coalition)

  • COAA (Coalition of Oregon Adoption Agencies)

  • Foster Care Parents' Education and Support Groups

  • Oregon Post-Adoption Resource Center

  • University of Portland School of Social Work

  • Peninsula Children's Learning Center

  • COFFEE Ethiopian Heritage Camp

  • Tillamook School District (PK- HS)

  • St. Andrew Nativity School (MS)

  • Arthur Academy Charter School (PPS K-5th)

1 to 1 Coaching Services


Eileen's Brain First individual coaching program is tailored for a range of clients:

  • Parents whose children struggle with challenging behavior, are chronically inflexible, and experience a low threshold for frustration tolerance

  • Parents who are supporting an individual with confirmed or suspected FASD 

  • Parents of children with prenatal or postnatal toxic stress exposure (substances or trauma)

  • Parents with children diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS, ADHD, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Individual Coaching Package
Eileen provides individualized coaching packages starting with five 50-minute sessions for $700, used over the course of 8 consecutive weeks. All parents interested in working 1:1 with Eileen should reach out to her directly to schedule a 20 minute call, a required step before purchasing a coaching package with her. This ensures that both Eileen and parent feel confident that the Brain First coaching program is the right fit for what the inquiring parent is seeking in terms of support.
One-time Consultation Services
Eileen provides one-time consultation serviced for providers and parents starting at $150/50 minute session.

Neurobehavioral Support Coach for Parents

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