FASD Parents Support Group



From Previous Participants


"I have really enjoyed the group and leaned a lot. It’s definitely helped me understand a lot about my daughter, which I expected would happen, but what surprised me was how much I learned about myself too."



"You do a really beautiful job of keeping things on track while also letting the conversation go where it needs to. I’m so grateful to be a part of this— I don’t want it to end!"


"I really like Eileen’s gentle, informed style. She’s terrific. Probably the perfect person to lead this effort."

FASD Parents' Support Group


Many parents who are caring for children with confirmed or suspected Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) experience a profound sense of isolation in their parenting experience, feeling as though no one really “gets it” when they try to convey what's involved in parenting a child with the unique challenges this diagnosis brings. Social media groups can be helpful, but many parents long to meet other parents who are on a similar parenting path, with the same struggles, same experiences, but who also appreciate the significance of the smallest accomplishments or victories. These parents describe yearning for an intentional space where they can actually have conversations and process what’s happening for them and their child with those like them. 


Starting Sunday, September 1st,  a new cohort of  parents will come together for the next virtual parenting support group for parents of children with confirmed or suspected FASD. The group is intentionally small in numbers to create a sense of community where each parent has the opportunity to share about their experience in a safe, judgement free environment. The purpose of the group is three-fold: connect with other parents who have the same unique lived experience as you to learn with them and alongside them, learn about the neurobehavioral model of parenting and how this model, over time, can reduce frustration and increase understanding related to our child’s challenging behaviors, and how to implement intentional and thoughtful self-care practices that set the foundation of building the resilience required for this parenting journey.

To participate in this virtual support group,

you must:

  • Have a child with confirmed or suspected FASD who is between the ages of 12 and 18.

  • Complete the short application found HERE

  • Provide upfront payment for participation in the 8 weeks of group which is a one-time payment of $200 per couple/single.


Additional Details

  • You may participate as a couple or individually.

  • The group will be no larger than 8 couples/singles.

  • The virtual support group will take place on Sundays at 4pm PST / 5pm MT / 6pm CST / 7pm EST. 

  • Each will be 75 minutes in length.

  • The group will be held every Sunday starting September 1st and concluding October 20. 


Neurobehavioral Support Coach for Parents