Models & Approach

"Challenging behavior occurs when the demands and expectations being placed upon a child outstrip the skills he has to respond adaptively to those demands. The same can be said of all human beings."


 - Dr. Ross W. Greene

   Author and child psychologist

Parenting Children with Neurobehavioral Differences & Challenging Behaviors

Parenting a child experiencing behavioral challenges can feel, at times, like navigating New York City with a map of Chicago. It's confusing and stressful when traditional parenting techniques don't work and can be incredibly lonely. Even on the good days, parents of children with significant challenges can find themselves exhausted, both mentally and physically, and on the edge of burnout. The incredible love a parent has for their child, intermixed with the flood of hopelessness and frustration that is often present, can be isolating and disorienting, until it feels like a unique experience that few, if anyone, fully understands.


When a parent with this lived experience can access informed, individualized support, it can be the key to shifting from burnout to compassion, from depression to joy, from helplessness to hopeful, from anxiety to peace. Eileen's goal is to assist parents in understanding their child from a research-based, neurobehavioral lens so they can calm the chaos in their home and feel more competent and confident in connecting with their child.


Neurobehavioral Support Coach for Parents