FASD: A Neurobehavioral Approach

Utilizing a Brain-Based Approach

Eileen has a unique area of expertise in her clinical practice which is supporting families with children impacted by confirmed or suspected FASD, utilizing a brain-based approach. When we begin to understand how brain function has been impacted by alcohol, other substances, or trauma we can then reframe the behaviors that are symptoms of the brain functioning differently. With this increased education and understanding, frustration and anxiety decrease and challenging behaviors begin to resolve.

Eileen's neurobehavioral-focused work with parents and caregivers centers on:

  • Understanding FASD and other neurobehavioral conditions as brain-based physical disabilities with behavioral symptoms

  • Reframing of challenging behaviors by recognizing where brain tasks present challenges

  • Moving into action, and applying tools and strategies that result in less frustration and improved outcomes for both child and parent


The Neurobehavioral Model operationalizes and is supported by over 50 years of research on the brain. The model is considered emerging best practice for the successful support of those living with FASD and other neurobehavioral conditions.

Neurobehavioral Support Coach for Parents