"When you make
the shift from reacting to understanding, there is less anger and frustration. That is the paradigm shift."
-Diane Malbin, Author of "Trying Differently, Rather Than Harder"

What People Are Saying

To say working with you has changed our life would be an understatement. We have hope now for not only for our son, but for each of us, as we learn to navigate his disability and continue to incorporate this model into our daily lives.

Meet Eileen


Eileen Devine is a licensed clinical social worker with over a dozen years of clinical experience, the adoptive mother of a child with fetal alcohol syndrome, and a certified facilitator through FASCETS, Inc., a leading non-profit specializing in the neurobehavioral model.


Creating Understanding


When challenging behaviors are viewed through the lens of the neurobehavioral model, they take on a different meaning, reducing frustration and reactivity while increasing understanding. That is the point where meaningful change can occur.

Counseling Services & Educational Workshops


Eileen's goal is to provide caregivers, providers and parents with hope for their client's or child's well-being, and concrete tools that can be used to help them to live purpose-filled, meaningful lives.  

Neurobehavioral Support Coach for Parents